Our Idea:

LIFTmob is a collective of artists brought together in pursuit of one simple goal: to make stuff.

Started by a group of friends as an events and promotions crew, their parties began reaching the underground masses in several countries including the US, Mexico and Philippines.

These events quickly developed into showcases for DJs and producers, featuring hundreds of talented musicians ranging from dance and hip-hop to rock.  Their work could be heard anywhere thanks to one of the world’s first live music web-streaming shows paving the way over 10 years ago.

Artists of all kinds, including designers, painters, graffiti artists and sculptors have contributed to the idea that if you just get it out there, the rest will come.

Along the way, childhood dreams of filmmaking took hold of their imagination and have since never let go.  With every passing year, new creations are added to the list. 

Now, LIFTmob emerges as a production company with endless ideas, the drive to develop them and the experience to bring them to life.

And through it all, our mantra hasn’t changed: 

LIFTmob: we make stuff

Our Experience:

Music videos  

Short films  

Live performances      



EPKs and DVDs

Music and Sound  


Marketing and Advertising



Our Key Members:

Mike Zafra






oEvent creator

Mike is the creative soul with experience in film, music and events.  Having made a name for himself as a DJ and music producer, he is now focused on making great films. He is skilled in the technical side with incredible passion driving the creative side. 

Behnam Karbassi






oEvent creator


Behnam is the creative head with experience in film, design, marketing, and events.  His love for film and music began as a child and has grown ever since.  After spending the last 10 years in advertising and marketing, he has a keen sense for making great creative happen. 

Brian Friedman





oDVD creator

Brian Friedman is the creative whip with experience in film, animation, effects and post-production.  Growing up in New York, he made quickly his way to LA after film school to pursue his dream.  Though his heart is in the creative, his mastery of production is irrefutable.

Our Other Members:

oSemaph – Music Producer

oSuva Soul – Music Producer

oMs. Elotes – Artist / Actor

oMardhi Rodrigo - Musician

oJR – DJ

oRaj – DJ

oTony ‘Loc’ McBride – Crew

oSergio Guzman – Crew

oMark Gamsey – DP

oAustin Ellsworth – DP

oRadan Popovic – DP

oJoe Burk - Production

oJeff Errico – Storyboard artist

oNancie L. Rooney – Make-up Artist

oJarafe – Musician

oGil – crew

oLaura Etchemendy – Actor

oAdrienne Bridges – Actor

oRyan Gahagan – Gear master

oAvital Levy – Director

oAmanda Miller – Producer

oBrent Falco – Actor

oDave Thiennes – Actor, Producer

oChip Ross – Client

oCade Nelson – DJ

oDominica Posseren – Casting

oHaruna – Production

oMichael Reginelli – Art Director

oLloyd Reese – Producer

oJon Ray and JJ – Producers, Directors